What we do



We work with educational institutions across Libya to deliver local capacity building and support the performance of Libyan institutions.



We partner the best research practitioners with locally embedded experts to improve impact and efficiency of our clients' services.



We facilitate Libyan stakeholder engagement for our clients, and support dialogue and conflict resolution activities.

Programme Delivery

Programme Delivery

We help clients deliver complex programmes in Libya, with cost-effective and creative solutions for every stage of a project cycle from inception to evaluation.

Case Studies

National Dialogue

Focus Group
National Dialogue Challenge:

Improving public consultation mechanisms for the National Dialogue in Libya.


We worked with the Berghof Foundation to hold a focus group on the National Dialogue, for the Foundation's handbook on the dialogue process.

Training Libyan

Freelance Journalists
Training Libyan Challenge:

Fostering the growth of a free and independent Libyan media, as a step towards national stability.


We partnered with the Rory Peck Trust to deliver a 6-day workshop for journalists throughout Libya providing training in professional journalism skills and practices.

Constitutional Declaration

Authority Consultation
Constitutional Declaration Challenge:

Overcoming internal challenges to Libya's constitutional process through better conflict resolution practices.


We brokered dialogue between the CDA, boycotters, and tribal leaders in order to overcome objections to the constitutional drafting process.

Capacity-Building for

Grassroots Women's NGOs
Grassroots Women's NGOs Challenge:

Ensuring and demonstrating local capacity development for Libyan civil society


We partnered with grassroots Libyan women's NGOs to hold training on judicial issues, constitutional reform, and strengthening the horizontal connections between women's civil society groups.